swimming lessons


“Abide in my love.”
~John 15:9~

Stay in the pool–I say it again.

I say it when we’re tired and when the kids grow tired of hearing it.

“Stay in the pool.”

I don’t mean the water.  I needn’t tell them to stay there.

Water runs in our blood.  They flowed straight from the womb of me.  Though our blood never mixed–these three testify.  If we could somehow freeze summer we’d give it one heck of a trial.  Maybe even jump at the chance.

“Stay in the pool.”

This was the secret of the swimmer Michael Phelps.  Becoming one of the greatest Olympic champions of all time took time.  Lots of time in the pool.  When he wanted to run–he swam.  When he wanted to quit–he kept at it.

“Stay in the pool.”

What I mean is Life.  With a million and one things to be done there’s actually only one next thing needful.  I must decrease so He might increase.  The least of these become the greatest and the greatest shall become the least.

Stay in the pool–that was his secret.

This is mine–


First you gotta get in.