morning star

I love watching them play.

The house is hushed and the toys have aligned to fill the room’s outer space.

I surely needn’t go into detail.  That much is obvious–how it isn’t always like this.  Any mother knows the darker secrets of the day in and day out.

The stars need a black to be seen but the dark side is not why I write here.

I write upon the Light in the galaxy.

3 thoughts on “morning star

  1. I always wish I could just capture that perfect moment, and make it last forever. Usually while I’m thinking this, reality crashes in 😉

    • Exactly! This perfect moment was actually two days ago. I started writing and then reality crashed in before I had a chance to finish. Today I was determined to go back and capture it!

  2. You have such a different way of thinking/writing, & I appreciate it! It’s not just what you say that gives me something to think about, but how you say it. I love the last line, I write upon the light in the galaxy–I’ve been thinking about it for days! Beautiful. ❤️

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