social media generation

social media Somewhere in the summer I set Facebook aside.

There were no hard feelings involved–and I haven’t stayed away completely.  But I wanted and needed to cut back.  Something inside me wanted a change.  Summer break with the kids home felt like the perfect time.  I didn’t want the short summer days with my kids wasted away by wasted scrolling.

I never regret the time spent with His little ones.

Every so often I wonder about the long term effects of social media on parenting.  Facebook is too young to know the difference between good and bad, right and wrong.  No studies exist from those gone before decrying how they’d give anything to go back and chuck their phone out the window instead of their time.

I’m not gonna wait around for the research.

One thought on “social media generation

  1. “I’m not gonna wait around for the research.”

    Small story: in the office I visit once a week I am “the old bloke” amongst a younger bunch of colleagues. Half in jest/half serious I found myself giving “dating advice” to one. Much jollity all round. This week I went back for my weekly visit. “Tell Paul what happened”.

    Cut to the punchline: A “third date” was in the diary! It had never happened before – second dates were very rare – and now a “third date”! Wahoo all round!

    Why? On a first date neither will invite a subsequent date. Both wait for the other. So almost always neither do. Then a day or so later, if a text hasn’t been received – one may text the other and ask. Rarely does a second date follow. Surprise surprise!
    I was incredulous. Talked about my youth (pre “tech”) and how getting a text “after” would really bug me! Probably meant I was “useful” to fill a diary probably. Ask. That was my “advice”.
    Apparently during date two, my colleague had commented how much they were enjoying the evening, and would love to do this again. Date Three signed and sealed there and then!

    Old bloke 1 : 0 High tech!! 🙂

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