Soon the new school year begins.

I know what this means.  I will grieve the summer’s end, the change of a season.  The house will be quiet–but empty.  The sadness is looming.  The tears will be falling.  I try to reflect and to focus on gratitude.

With this beginning I’m wondering what to do about Facebook.  The more I stay away the more I don’t want to go back.  Lately when I scroll the news feed I can hardly stomach it.  I stare and ask myself, ‘Why am I doing this?’

They say everything in moderation.  I’m wondering if moderation is really possible (for me).  I’m not convinced the positives of social media outweigh the negatives.  The human soul is made for connection–but not for such a constant exposure.

The introvert in me can’t stand the noise or being around so many people at once.  The extrovert in me loves being able to nurture existing relationships and create new ones.

Which side of me wins and what is there to lose?

9 thoughts on “reflections

  1. My husband used Facebook quite a bit, and he’s been happily off it for a while now. I think it can be a good thing to stay away from. I was almost at that point before we moved back east, and then I got back into it as a way to reconnect with old friends. Also, most homeschooling support groups are through Facebook now, which is actually my biggest reason to stay. But I have very mixed feelings about it, and think life was better when social media didn’t exist.

    • I guess it’s just like anything else where you can see both sides. I’m surprised at how much I DIDN’T miss it when I was away. Not even a withdrawal phase. Anyone I’ve ever asked who gave it up is always glad they did. I do think it can have a healthy place IF (that’s a big if) you can keep it from becoming your default mode. I agree it’s good for the more specialized/close-knit groups.

  2. Dear Rebekah, (you have my favorite girl name, by the way. I hope to have a daughter named Rebekah and I want to spell it like you do, too.) Anyways, thank you for your comment on my blog today. I came to your site to see who you are. I see that you are a beautiful soul. I love your space here. I love your thoughts. And I have the exact same struggles with social media. It’s caused quite a bit of angst in my life, too. I still don’t have it figured out. I pray about it a lot. I’m thankful to get to meet you! May the Lord bless you and keep you, cause His face to shine warm and bright on yours and give you lots of peace.

    • Maggie–Thanks for ‘coming over” I’ve followed your blog for a while–yours is always one I look forward to seeing what’s next (why I told you to post more!).

      Still thinking about all this…I think social media is amazing on how many people can be reached, how news can spread, etc. There is a purpose for that. I have no doubt God has allowed it as a tool. But just because we all have access to tools doesn’t make any of us skilled in using them. I think if you are going to use social media then skill and discipline must be learned and then exercised.

      Thanks again for your words. I wish the same peace for you.

      (p.s. My dad picked out my name. At first I was “Elizabeth”, but at the last minute, he changed his mind and decided on “Rebekah”. I’ve always liked the way it is spelled because the letters go tall/short/tall/short/tall/short/tall )

  3. Rebekah,

    I took a “hiatus” from Facebook six years ago and haven’t been back since. Well, I did go back to delete my account. 🙂 For me, it was the best decision I could have made. I know a lot “happens” on Facebook – good AND bad – but I prefer what happens in my face-to-face life. It was all just too much for me, and I completely understand how you feel about not being able to stomach it. I prefer real and transparent. Facebook seemed so rehearsed, like a well-dressed illusion to me. I know it has its good qualities, so I am not a basher, so to speak. I know that since my exodus from FB, my face-to-face relationships have gotten stronger and my relationship with God has blossomed.

    I wish you the best in your decision. It’s not easy. But the Holy Spirit will lead you to His Truth and His will.

    Big hugs to you, my sister in Christ.

    • Heather–thanks for sharing your thoughts and experiences with this. It almost feels ridiculous to analyze it so much but this is a real phenomenon. I prefer ‘real and transparent’ as well but I’ve learned that Facebook is not a good avenue for that. To be real and open requires intimacy and you can’t be intimate in a news feed (or even a blog) with that many people. With most people in the world, I do not need to know the daily or intimate details of their lives, neither do they need to know mine. Those kinds of relationships are reserved for a select few.

      I will say I have called my grandma, parents, and sisters more this past summer than I have in the past several years since having Facebook and that has been a blessing. And yes, anytime you cut out distractions and take time for God, it is amazing the peace that comes to your heart.

  4. Isn’t amazing how quickly phone calls and hand-written letters disappeared into the technology abyss? People hit ignore on mothers and fathers and grandmothers all the time and write pithy texts with acronyms. For a world so obsessed with communication, we actually do very little of it. “Real” communication, that is. Cling to the joy and blessing of those phone conversations. Those have meaning. Thank YOU for sharing your thoughts with us. They helps us remember what is truly important.

  5. I haven’t been on Facebook for about seven months. I only went on twice to add new people I met by actually going out and meeting people!
    I like to post pictures of my children to Instagram. Its much less depressing and there isn’t any drama.
    God bless,

    • Thanks for sharing Ellie! It’s good to hear the ‘success stories’. I think Instagram would be very inspiring with all the beautiful pictures of life.

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