Soon the new school year begins.

I know what this means.  I will grieve the summer’s end, the change of a season.  The house will be quiet–but empty.  The sadness is looming.  The tears will be falling.  I try to reflect and to focus on gratitude.

With this beginning I’m wondering what to do about Facebook.  The more I stay away the more I don’t want to go back.  Lately when I scroll the news feed I can hardly stomach it.  I stare and ask myself, ‘Why am I doing this?’

They say everything in moderation.  I’m wondering if moderation is really possible (for me).  I’m not convinced the positives of social media outweigh the negatives.  The human soul is made for connection–but not for such a constant exposure.

The introvert in me can’t stand the noise or being around so many people at once.  The extrovert in me loves being able to nurture existing relationships and create new ones.

Which side of me wins and what is there to lose?

garden of eden


I take and eat from the tree of life.  I can hear the north winds, the Euphrates behind me, the little boys at play in the warm of summer’s yard.  A perfect beginning for a seventh day morning–that is until silence breaks me from genesis.

The work week extends to a schoolhouse work day.

God said it was not good for man to be alone.  Surrounded by creatures without a companion.  I think about this on these days, these days, these days when the waters spring forth from the deep.

Do I understand?


Do I need to?


The Son whispers, “Do you love me?”

My spirit answers, “Yes, Lord, you know I love you.”

I take a deep breath.

The man returns soon for the midday meal–I breathe yet again and I know I am known.

The golden peaches brightening in the west.

social media generation

social media Somewhere in the summer I set Facebook aside.

There were no hard feelings involved–and I haven’t stayed away completely.  But I wanted and needed to cut back.  Something inside me wanted a change.  Summer break with the kids home felt like the perfect time.  I didn’t want the short summer days with my kids wasted away by wasted scrolling.

I never regret the time spent with His little ones.

Every so often I wonder about the long term effects of social media on parenting.  Facebook is too young to know the difference between good and bad, right and wrong.  No studies exist from those gone before decrying how they’d give anything to go back and chuck their phone out the window instead of their time.

I’m not gonna wait around for the research.

morning star

I love watching them play.

The house is hushed and the toys have aligned to fill the room’s outer space.

I surely needn’t go into detail.  That much is obvious–how it isn’t always like this.  Any mother knows the darker secrets of the day in and day out.

The stars need a black to be seen but the dark side is not why I write here.

I write upon the Light in the galaxy.

boy meets girl

The woman’s body tells a story.

Unlike the dragon, I tell you no lies.  Such mysteries cannot be crafted by the work of mortal tongues or human hands.  The tale is fearfully simple as it is wonderfully complicated.  I shall borrow an adage if you’ll lend me your ears:  Long ago in many and various ways God spoke to His world by the voice of the prophets, but now, in these last days, God has spoken to us by the blood of His Son.


This Son is appointed heir of all things.  In Him all things were made and in Him we creatures live and breathe and move and have our being.  The Word begins in a garden when the world was mere infant knowing full well the tragedy to overcome the human destiny.  With a faith beyond reason the universe declares the glory of God–the begotten who began for one reason and one reason only–

Because He first loved her.