young explorers


By Elianna

It took a long time but we made it to the house.  When we got there I looked around.  It was great!  There was a bunk bed in the kids’ room and a pool.

That afternoon we played in the pool.  It was fun but we got tired so we got out.  Then later we went to the beach.  We played in the waves.  Then we went home and washed up.  Then we went to bed.

All the other days were pretty much the same.

But Thursday, some of our friends came.  One of those people was Natalie, one of my best friends.  We played together in the pool and at the beach.

On Friday night we had a pool party and had lots of food.  At about 9:15 I went in and went to bed.

The next day was so fun.  At the beach the waves were big.  We played for a little bit then we found some jelly fish and I picked some up.  Mom was scared to touch one.  We found a big one and I picked it up.

The next day our friends had to leave.  We left, too, but we left after them.  We stopped at a hotel.  We slept over night and woke up late and got ready for the rest of the journey home.

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