for the record


...”and the former things were not remembered.”
~Isaiah 65:17~

Yesterday was an example of whatever I don’t want to write.

Whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right…

I shall write about those things.

3 thoughts on “for the record

  1. We all have those moments. Days. Weeks. The proof of abiding in the Spirit is allowing Him to lift us up; allowing Him to remind us Whose we are; allowing God to embrace us in our messiness and assure us we are still His beloved.

    • Susan, thank you. Not sure if this ever happens to you but there are times when something just comes to you and you feel compelled to write it, almost like you have no choice in the matter. It comes clearly and swiftly. That’s how this one was. I am still learning though that just because I have to write it doesn’t mean I need to share it.

      Thankful that the Spirit does indeed lift us up, tells us the truth, and leads us on.

      • Absolutely, Rebekah. I often feel compelled to write, and after I look at what I’ve written and know it didn’t come from me.
        Wonderful that the Spirit can use us even in our weakness. 🙂

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