home remaking


I’ve been a stay-at-home mom for eleven years.

There have been times since having children where I was employed outside the home.  During vicarage I worked full time. Call it wishful thinking, but even when I had four part-time jobs during our second year at the Seminary, I still considered myself a stay-at-home mom.

For home is where my heart is.


You’d think by now we’d have some sort of routine down.

But we really don’t.


Free-spirit though I be, I do believe routines are helpful, just not always practical.


Oh hi, Baby!  Yes, I see your silly face!  A picture?  Okay, just a minute, Momma will take a picture of you…



I think the mistake we make as mothers is not so much our inability to stick to and keep a routine.


Making a routine is not the secret.


The secret, I believe, is in the routine making us.

6 thoughts on “home remaking

  1. “The secret, I believe, is in the routine making us.” Never ever thought about it “back to front” – and now you have written that, I think I will never see it any other way! Thank you.

    • Had thought of the concept before but hadn’t really thought of it in those terms til now either as I was sitting here, still in my pajamas, wondering what the day’s first task ought to be.

      Great and powerful is our ReMaker!

      • That phrase is like an onion – peel one layer and there is another underneath – and again – and again. I am about three layers in – and still peeling!

  2. I love the Christmas wreaths and Indian corn seen in the background. It’s like daily reminders of Advent and Giving Thanks. (Are you decorating early or are those year round reminders? 😉 )

    • Liz, the wreaths stay up all year. At first I never took them down, and then, after awhile, I decided I didn’t want to. I like them there for the daily reminder reasons you mentioned. As far as the Indian Corn, I can’t take any credit for that. The kids like to add their own personal touch here and there.

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