child eyes


I know this wasn’t a dream.

The popsicle–it was right here.

I’ve looked everywhere–

–well, everywhere enough at least.

I ask the baby if he knows.

He jumps up from his chair.

“We’ll find it, Mama.  We’ll find it.”

He doesn’t say that, but that’s what he says.

The baby looks around from room to room.

Truth is–he doesn’t know either.

But he hopes.

conflict resolution


Somewhere along the line I’ve heard getting married is easy but staying married is the hard part.

In my opinion the hardest part about marriage has been working through conflict.  We are simply not good at this.  We even have a hard time agreeing on how to word it.  He calls it disagreeing.  He even says it is good and healthy and okay to disagree.  But I don’t think of it like that.  And I don’t even like calling it that.

(It has also been explained to me that I overuse pronouns but I’m also having a hard time understanding what he means by this.)

The very word, “disagree”, sounds too much like dissonance, clashing, or tension.  At least that is how I see it.  I don’t want to disagree.  As a woman, I don’t want to be at odds with the man, my heart and my soul, the one with whom I share a house and a body.

I want peace and harmony.

But, and this is probably the most important part about it, in a marriage, yes, especially in a marriage, it cannot be about what I want.  The Lord is our gracious good Shepherd.  I shall not want peace and harmony and goodness and mercy and love and happiness .

Instead, I pursue them.  I follow after them.

And that means, above all, I walk the yielding path of love.

It means I agree to disagree.


ode to jenna

(Note: Jenna is a local pastor’s wife whose husband recently took a call to the Seminary.  In other words, she is moving away!  I praise God for His perfect timing and placement of their family back in her husband’s hometown.)


Roses are red.  Violets are blue.

I was gonna try and wing a poem for you.

But alas.

I couldn’t bear it.

And for Pete’s sake I couldn’t see with all the rain.

I mean, who soaks themselves on purpose in the middle of the McDonalds parking lot, all while drinking hot chocolate?


Who does that?

Not us.

Not anymore anyway.

Anymore, if we’re really serious about an adventure, we take all the kids to church.

Better yet, we take all the kids to church at 3:00 in the afternoon for a two hour installation service.

They even had dinner afterwards.


Yeah, we never did get to go back for Sushi.

I know my panic attack/pacing the parking lot for oxygen/allergic reaction to the orange MSG cheese powder/hyperventilation due to the larger -than-usual-circumference-of-the-bite really freaked you out.

Thankfully there was always Chevy’s.

By the way, let’s never forget how great our husbands are for letting us get out for our girls nights.

They are such great dads and buy us Starbucks gift cards and everything.

Remember all our marriage talks?

(psst.  It’s been six weeks since you’ve had that baby.  You know what that means.)

No, really.

Marriage is important.

Marriage is sacred.

Marriage is for a lifetime.

That would’ve been a really good place to put a picture of a married couple.

But since this isn’t really about a married couple, I put one of us at our live-streamed Montrose Beach concert.



You know, after all the espresso, wine, and nachos, I think we’ve grown up a lot over these past few years.

We’ve settled down.  We’ve  realized sometimes we’re just too tired to go anywhere far, and that’s okay.  We’ve learned meeting at McDonalds and sitting in the van to talk is just fine.

We’ve grown in family size, faith, hope, and most of all, love.


Thanks be to God.

november showers


My mind officially maxed out.

Too much Facebook will do that to you.  Particularly when it coincides with current events to which, thank God, remain out of our control.  I believe we need these times to increase our awareness, tune our ears, think things through, and readjust our priorities if need be.

Then we get back to the business of living.

So you put the Christmas music on.  You accept the fact that your boys are outgrowing their naps, that they are growing.  And even if the sacred nap time is no longer reliable, my good and loving God still is.    This is just another part of the pruning, the growing, the blessing.

It’s all good.  Amen and amen.