back to basics







On our first official day here my entire being oozes fatigue.

It’s like it finally has a chance to be released, to be known.  It flows out the pores of my skin, weighing me down on our bed.  Even now sleep evades me.  The years of lost sleep are always before me, forever a part of me.

This is most certainly true–motherhood has changed my DNA.


Children have changed our marriage as well.

I guess that’s one of the reasons we’re here.  We need to catch up with these changes, with each other.  There is no middle ground here, no compromising in the case of one flesh.  If you aren’t catching up then you’re falling behind, drifting apart.  This steady movement isn’t something that happens once and it isn’t something that happens over night.

It happens slowly over time.


This isn’t about rediscovering lost love.

Or rekindling the romance.


It’s simply about being together.

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