the Christmas tree


Our vicarage pastor used to say it wasn’t a real Christmas without a fake tree.

At the time I thought the statement came awfully close to Christmas heresy.  And from a pastor of all people.  I almost choked on my hot chocolate.  I wasn’t sure what to make of it, though there was nothing more to make, for his mind was made up.  No sense in arguing.

So I pitied the man.  He obviously didn’t have the childhood Christmas memories that I had–where the entire point of having a real tree was rooted in the purpose of finding it.   How thrill ran alongside sleigh bells in the chase of the children in search of the perfect God-sent fir.

But a few adult attempts of tree-hunting with toddlers and infants in the wind and the rain will humble you.  Then there was our school’s Christmas auction a few years back.  Some Bible study friends bought me raffle tickets for my birthday and won me the prized pre-lit showcase.

This is the true meaning of Christmas.  Love impacts our world and changes things, you see.  Thankfully, I can now say with a blessed assurance, it doesn’t matter whether your tree is fake or found.  Or how long it takes for the Light to return or the lights to go on.

Christmas will always be real.

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