A long time ago, in a memory far, far, away, a band of sisters started a band.

We called ourselves The Mountain View Girls.

We wrote and sang songs about mountains and peace and where love can be found.

The youngest and oldest recently composed our latest hit.


The Nile
(sung to the made up tune of a folksy-like country song)

Down by the riverside
I told him
He didn’t have to hide from me
Anymore, Anymore.

He said
Hey girl don’t you know
Your lion ways’ll have to go
My heart can’t take these silly games
from you
Anymore, Anymore

Let’s run from south to north my friend
These uphill battles cannot send
Us tumblin’ down this way again
you see
Anymore, Anymore

Now Jack and Jill go forth for more
Go fetch your love from yonder shore
And live in peace inside the door
of Love
Evermore, Evermore


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