old and new


I’ve started packing.

Last week I went through my daughter’s closet.  I remember watching the previous pastor move from this same house.  He’d been here ten years and had five kids like us.  When we moved in a little over a year later I vowed not to accumulate any more stuff.

Surprise, surprise, I didn’t keep my vow.  For a while I tried with all that was in me and it only stressed and wore me out and at the end of every day I laid awake consumed with guilt for spending more time organizing toys rather than playing with them.

I’m done with those days.  My heart has changed.  Children are more important than things and things are not the end of the world.  Things are a sign of the gift of the children.  I don’t need to keep it all but I don’t need to getting rid of it all either.

I’m just thankful it’s here.

3 thoughts on “old and new

    • Thanks. So many things in life are like that. It sounds so great in theory until you actually try to carry it out and it just doesn’t coincide with life and only gets in the way.

  1. That’s a good perspective. Be grateful for the stuff, and what it represents. I do better when I don’t have too much clutter, but I can’t go crazy getting rid of everything either. When I first got into blogging I started reading blogs about simplicity and minimalism but found that some of them really went beyond anything I was willing to do.

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