making progress


They all said to save the kitchen for last.

This is the room with the food and the bills and the boys running through and the microwave from our church sister Alma and the Elmo chair that never stops staring at me.

We’re counting down the days now–I had to start somewhere.


Here is my one and only strategy:

Pack the stuff you want to take.


(I’m pretty sure I don’t need that Keurig thing with the picture of a lady smelling her coffee but I put it in the box anyway.)

I packed all the herbs and cinnamon and spices and I’m trying not to think about how it means we’ll never make chocolate chip cookies or Christmas cinnamon rolls here ever again.


But, Rebekah, that’s why we’re packing all the stuff we want to take.

So we can bake and cook and run through the new prepared kitchen of our new house.



No, boys.

I’m not letting you watch any more Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

You can play quietly or rest in your beds with a book til the big kids get home or WAIT I DID NOT SAY YOU COULD KNOCK OVER MY PLANT AND TEAR OUT ALL THE STYROFOAM!)


I guess next I’ll start on the counter.


4 thoughts on “making progress

  1. Packing with little ones… oh my. Just remember it will all be worth it! And it’s a good feeling to get everything organized and start fresh in a new space.

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