open doors


Our next door neighboring church wanted to do something nice for us.

The sister circuits were invited for an evening of games and goodbyes and fellowship and Little Nashville fried chicken.  Since our minds can’t keep up these days we showed up an hour early.  It worked out okay though.  Gave the kids a chance to play.

The same thing happened earlier that afternoon.  We had a marriage counseling appointment.  At least we thought we did.  It was gonna be the last meeting with the man before we moved.  We drove all the way to St. Louis to find nobody there.


When the door was locked we called him only to find out we weren’t on his schedule today.  I could hear the conversation through the phone.   Usually he’d be free to come over anyway but today he had other appointments.  He felt so bad and was so so sorry.

I was kinda relieved actually.  I didn’t really want to go this time and I almost didn’t.   But as I sat there in the deserted office building listening to my husband thank him for all his time and help I felt extremely relieved I’d come along.  He would’ve been all alone.


This last missed appointment turned out to be the best we’d ever had.  The apparent lack of communication allowed for a calm and productive conversation all the way there and all the way back.  It was one of those conversations that will last and be remembered.

I’m still amazed.

It was such a beautiful day.



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