birthday lights


DSC_0488I left one picture on the fridge, toward the bottom, so he could see it.

It’s his birthday today.  Five years old.

When I kissed him this morning, when I told him happy birthday, I also told him Mommy didn’t have any presents for today.

I didn’t go into it.  I didn’t make excuses.  I don’t have any.

“But Grandma and Papa are coming tonight, and I bet, knowing Grandma, she’ll have lots of presents for you.  Grandma’s really good at bringing presents.”

Grandma has the gift of giving gifts.  So does her son.

“And when we get to our new house, we’ll have a party with presents just for you.”

Thankfully Hank and Carol came over Tuesday night.  They brought us supper and a special  birthday Batman cake and everything.


p.s. I love you John David.



4 thoughts on “birthday lights

  1. Happy Birthday, sweet John!

    We must be family. Haley turned 2 and in the midst of the crazy here- I didn’t make it to buying her any presents (we did throw her a little party)…and her birthday card is still in my nightstand. I’m giving myself grace as His mercies are new every morning.

    Thinking of you!!

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