basic training



Daddy and I are in the process of establishing basic routines.

Before we left I had the chance to talk with several seasoned home schooling mothers.  They all independently spoke of taking the time to get a good family and household routine down. Obviously this is easier said than done and one’s season of life will tremendously impact the extent of how much can be carried out.  I feel like this move has given me inspiration and a fresh outlook and is giving us a chance to go back to the basics.

We’re beginning with meals.

There are three meals a day.  Breakfast.  Lunch.  Dinner.  Each week the three older kids will be assigned as a meal helper.  For example, this week Ethan is the breakfast helper, Elianna the lunch helper, and Judah the supper helper.  The meal helper is in charge of helping me with setting the table, food prep, clearing the table, sweeping, and any other additional cleanup.  The little ones will also be paired with a big kid as helpers in training.

I think we’re all gonna like this.



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