sweet reminders

They have doughnuts.

I am thanking God for doughnuts.  This is one of the things about our new church that makes me so happy.  This means so much to the kids.  Grandma and Papa’s church has doughnuts and they were hoping ours would too.  It put a big smile on their faces.

My dad taught me to celebrate those little things as gifts from God–the things that seem small and unimportant and even less than holy.  He does not always give us what we ask for but many times He does and He often does it in the little things.  Like doughnuts.

Doughnuts and I go way back.  In high school I would not eat doughnuts from the fellowship hall.  Too many calories.  When you could only have so many calories a day it seemed like such a waste to use up 300 calories on a doughnut no matter how good it tasted.

I ate a doughnut after church today.  I ate one last week as well.  I don’t know what goes through most people’s heads when they eat a doughnut, but I cannot eat one without an internal conversation with myself, though today the conversation was rather brief.


Today I’m thanking God for doughnuts.




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