lesson plans


A few people have asked what my plan is for home schooling.

Before I answer that question or write any more about it I need to find out if homeschooling is one word or two words.

The kids want to start school tomorrow.  I hadn’t really planned on starting this soon after moving but with the all the kids now being home all day every day it might not be a bad idea.  It creates another constant in our day and gives us something to look forward to.

We’ve spent the past week working in the school room.  This is part of establishing our basic routines.  For the sake of familiarity and consistency I want to have designated school hours.  Depending on when breakfast is finished and cleaned up we have started somewhere between 8:30 and 9AM and have gone until 11:30.  Before I talked to any other moms I had it in my head that we should be able to get our official school time done in the morning.  Even the home schooling mom who is pregnant with her twelfth baby says this is not an unreasonable goal.

The afternoons I imagine being much freer and unstructured but I still would like to have some sort of direction and general idea of what the afternoon time is for.  When I asked the mom with soon to be twelve kids what her kids do in the afternoon she smiled and said, “They fight.”  Good to know.  Made me feel a little better.  We’re not quite there yet but eventually I would like to have a learning time associated with the evening (“and on His law he meditates day and night” Psalm 1) so it’s like education/meditation/reflection provide bookends to the days.

My plan for the rest of the school year is to get to know my kids better.  I say ‘for the rest of the school year’ because I plan to continue the much loved tradition of summer break. I am not interested in any official curriculum for right now.  We’ve got plenty of great books to read.  The three big kids were able to get a lot of their remaining work from their teachers so I have that to give them.  I would like to begin with my own personal assessment of each child to find out where they are at.  I want to find out what they know, what they want to know, and the ways they’d like to find out.

I know we’ve got a lot to learn.


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