the drawing board


Hey kids, remember Aunt Liz’s chalkboard wall?

This dining room wall would be perfect for something like that.  No, it’s okay, really.  I promise.  I’m not gonna go into crazy obsessive painting mode like I did in the last house.  No more dragging you all to to Wal-Mart for the third time in one day so I could buy another gallon of the cheapest stuff possible to paint the living room for the 8th time in a month because the color never ever turned out how it was supposed to look.

I’m getting too old for that kind of stuff.


Daddy loved this idea.

Not many people know this but drawing is one of his hidden talents.

He even said we should go all out and paint the whole wall.

Your wish is my command, my dear.


The top is for the adults to write stuff.  The bottom is for the kids to draw stuff.


This is the outlet:


Project complete without driving anyone nuts.

Aunt Liz would be so proud.

11 thoughts on “the drawing board

  1. **If I knew how to make that face with the hearts for eyes- this post would get three of them!** Love it! ! Looks great! And you’ll definitely find that it was worth whatever you spent for the time that they/you utilize it. 🙂

    • I can already tell how worth it is was. They really enjoy it. And I actually really like the chalk dust. Gives it an organic artsy feel. Thanks for the inspiration!

    • That is definitely a double over you are seeing (even matches the black wall). I thought it was neat as well. Haven’t ever used a double over before. Still trying to figure out if there is a difference between the two (convection/conduction?) and what that even means!

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