black widow

In most cases the females are dark-colored and readily identifiable by reddish hourglass-shaped markings on the abdomen…

The female black widow has unusually large venom glands…Only female bites are dangerous to humans…

The prevalence of sexual cannibalism, a behavior in which the female eats the male after mating, has inspired the common name”widow spiders”…  

and much of the documented evidence for sexual cannibalism has been observed in laboratory cages where the males could not escape”


He thinks he’s got the uppercut

which means he’s got the upper hand–

but strength binds the man.


In his masculine pride

he underestimates how low she can go

to reach out and touch him.


If his is the thrill of the chase

then hers is the twisted joy of watching

the web spin on and on knowing


He’s not going anywhere now.


This is why the man must run–

He’s not afraid of her

He needs to be.





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