the weekend visit


Um, boys?

Can you unlock the door please?  What’s going on in there?

What happened to your shirts?

(After I went back upstairs to make lunch insert ten minutes of maternal crying and mourning over the frightening folly of youth.  Lord, have mercy, dearest Jesus, hear my prayer.)



Of all the kids, Ethan, the oldest,  is the one who has taken this move the hardest.

He misses his friends.

Every day he checks the mailbox hoping for a letter.


They say they’re gonna be pen pals now.


A letter from here to there takes about two to three days.

That’s a long time for a longing boy.


So he was super happy when a friend from a former home offered to bring up some boys for the day.

(She’s the same one who saved my life a few years ago when she offered to stay with my kids on her day off while I went to the grocery store).



Hey kids, look!  More deer bones!




Kids, are you listening to me?

You do not yet know these trails well enough to be running off like that.  Do you remember the Garden of Eden?

Even paradise had boundaries.


(Insert silent contemplation on the prone to wanderness of human instincts.)

Lord, even now.

Even now I still feel it.


But there is a river

a sweet Baptismal grace

whose streams make glad the city of God.


And the boy was happy.

2 thoughts on “the weekend visit

  1. Oh, sweet Ethan! Thankful for this special weekend and praying that he will be able to find some new friendships soon. Although I try and be intentional in activities where friendships can form- that has been one of the more difficult aspects of homeschooling on Abigail.

    • Thanks, Liz.

      When I moved back home after mom had Hannah, I started taking classes at Heartland. On the first day of school I was feeling bummed about not having any friends there. Mom prayed with me that morning before I left that God would provide a friend for me there. Sure enough, the first class I saw Sarah and we spent that whole year in most of our classes together. I knew her because she was one of Susan’s childhood church friends.

      Anyway, God answered that prayer. I told Ethan that same story and he and I started praying about it before we moved, that God would send some friends for him.

      Our new church here has a good junior high youth group (6th-8th grade) which he can start attending in the summer. There are quite a few boys his age, so, I’m hoping.

      Abigail is a lot like her dad in that way. There are certain people that just love to be with other people. It brings them great joy. You’re doing good to be intentional about it. He will provide for her too.

      p.s. You can tell her we’ll be having some ‘girl time’ real soon.

      Love you Sis!

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