beauty for ashes


I came down with a bit of Facebook envy yesterday.

This shouldn’t surprise me but it always does.  Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses, and just like some people rarely ever come down with the stomach flu, some people do not fall prey to blight of Facebook envy.  Usually that’s me, but not this time.

A girl from my Clermont Bible Church days (where I first learned the commandment against coveting) posted a picture of her new house.   Her and her husband and four children have just gone through the stress and excitement of moving as well.

Here is the picture she posted: (It’s on Facebook so it’s public, right?  I hope?)

living room

My jaw dropped.  (WOW! GORGEOUS!)  And then the thoughts…

What?!?  How in the WORLD did she do that?

She just moved and her house looks THAT good?!?

I wouldn’t even know where to begin to get my house to look like that.

My house is so plain.

My house will never look that good.  


You start sizing yourself up.

Suddenly you don’t measure up.  She has four kids, so basically the same amount as me, so I can’t use that as my reason for why my house doesn’t look amazing.  Her interior decoring skills far surpass mine.  I wonder if my husband wishes I could decorate (or look or cook or whatever) like that.  I bet he secretly wishes I could.  I bet he’d be happier married to a woman who was a better–

Fill in the blank.


I then read the Facebook comments and was immediately convicted.

Turns out this girl’s dream is to decorate homes for a living one day.  I didn’t know that about her.  Well that makes so much more sense now.  Of course her home looks beautiful.  Interior decorating brings her great joy and delight!  This is one of her strengths and God-given talents!  Every woman has her own unique contribution.  There is no need to be envious of the different ways a woman reflects the holy and glorious image of God.

We all have ways we create and bring beauty into the world.


Beauty is meant to inspire.

She inspired me.

This morning I straightened up the living room and put a few more pictures up.


I even put a picture of a cross and the words ‘Praise the Lord’ down at eye level.

This way the little ones learning to read can see and be inspired too.



“Let your light shine before men in such a way that they may see your good works and glorify your Father who is in heaven.”
~Matthew 5:16~

2 thoughts on “beauty for ashes

  1. Envy is such an awful feeling to have. I think we all struggle with it sometimes- for me it’s not a beautiful home but it might be something else. I have to say though that I honestly prefer simple homes. People make a home, not stuff.

    • I think it’s definitely different for everyone. And it could be different as well during different times of your life. I remember being a sleep-deprived mother of a newborn being horrendously jealous of the old man sleeping during the church sermon or eating during the town wide chicken dinner. For the most part I get to eat and sleep now without too many problems.

      I agree with you about people making the home. It all balances out.

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