evening devotions


We took the kids to the park this evening.  There was an orange bench there and for some reason it reminded me of you.  I think it was the way it took me by surprise, looks a little out of place, and yet, somehow it still works. I wished you were here to see it with me.

I miss your feet in bed at night.  In these recent years this is one of my favorite parts about being married.  The days at camp have felt pretty normal but the nights have taken longer to adjust to.  Having you there next to me makes the unfamiliar room feel safe in the dark.

I thought of you a lot today.  Hopefully you’re having fun lots of fun down there.  I’m not sure what guys do on rare trips like this.  Maybe you’re up talking and smoking cigars or maybe you were just tired and went to bed.   That’s what I’m gonna do as soon as the kids settle down.

They aren’t going to bed very well tonight.  They didn’t last night either.  I just spanked them and now I’m sitting in here with them.  I think you’re right.  I’ve been way too easy on them over the years.  It breaks my heart when they don’t listen to me.  I take it so personally.

Elianna just hugged me.  She didn’t say anything.  She didn’t need to.  She just climbed over the bed and gave me a long warm hug.  I wasn’t even crying.   I guess she saw the stress or look of sadness on my face.  I feel a little better now.  Thanks be to God.

These are the times when I’m certain He’s doing something right.







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