drops of jupiter


“Genuine apology emphasizes compassion for the wronged party, not redemption for the offender.”
~John Kador~

My Beloved Beast,

I’m sorry about last night.

We’ve been doing so well.  We’ve had some minor mishaps, but so far, we’ve been slow to anger and quick to reconcile.  The kids can tell a difference too.  I loved how Elianna giggled when she caught us kissing in the kitchen.

I know it hurts though.  Love hurts.  All the bending and stretching and missing the mark takes a toll on the heart.  Because our hearts are so bound and tied up, it means when your heart aches, there’s a good chance I’ve inflicted the wound.  I treasure your repeated forgiveness even though my offenses have failed to cease.

They say marriage is not about happiness, but you know what, I don’t believe that. I think marriage is one of the most beautiful gifts humanity has ever received. I believe God was happy when he created marriage.  He still rejoices to this very day.

I hope you do too.

I still do.


p.s. Thanks for making supper while I wrote this.


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