this Jesus God raised up


“Why do we hurt each other?  Why do we push love away?”
~Boyz II Men, Water Runs Dry~

There are divisions among the brothers.

Divisions are nothing other than diversions.  I have a theory when it comes to all the denominations in the Church and the tragic number of burning bridges within our synod.  There will come a time when none of it will matter.  The names we’ve created for ourselves, the hills of pride we refuse to die on, these will all fall away to the wayside.

In its place will rise the Name Above All Names.   Every tribe and tongue and nation will revolt against the Way.  Those who dare speak the Unspeakable will pay a price, a great and bloody terrible price.  The ones who know their God will take action, that is, they will be still, but not silent, oh no, by no Power of theirs will they remain silent.

As the Spirit at Pentecost became the great and mighty Babel reversal, a remnant of this current dispersion will be called back to reunite and stand against all odds.  Even now, the hungry, the thirsty, the hurting, the dying, those enslaved to the darkness of sin and every evil, their tongues of fire cry out for Mercy and Hope without knowing.

And they’ll know we are Christians by our Love.

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