driving around


Hey kids, after Dad’s done with church, we’ll go for a little drive.

I’ll show you where I used to live.


“Back when I was your age…”


(momma smiles)

“Oh come on.  You know you like it when I say that.”


Remember Rebekah, the speed limit is intended for ideal weather conditions.

(drivers ed, getting my hours in, turning a corner, two hands on the wheel) 


So anytime you find yourself driving in the fog, the rain, the snow, anything besides dry road and sunshine, you slow down, and adjust accordingly.  Okay?

“Okay Dad.”


Here you go kids–

Right here is where Dad and I danced at my senior prom.



Me, Aunt Liz, Aunt Jess, we practically lived here.  We lived at the pool.

I worked here the same summer I met your Dad.


Oh my gosh, Kids!

Look, this cabin right here, this was the home of Abraham Lincoln.


Yes.  Oh wait, hold on.  No.  Never mind.  The sign says John Patton.  Okay, this was the home of John Patton.

“Who’s John Patton???”

I don’t know.


We’ll look him up in school tomorrow.

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