the next transition


We’re in our final week of school for the season.

The kids are ready to be done, and I can tell, sense the relaxing atmosphere in the air and in the school room.  I’m also excited to be done for now, but I’m also sad.  During this time of transition, homeschooling has been a comforting constant for me.  In many ways it feels like we’ve been on summer break for the past three months.  The things I love about summer vacation, mostly spending time with the kids, has been our sweet little life throughout the spring.


I’m sure part of it is the fear of the unknown.  I don’t know what summer looks like anymore.  In our old life, summer was the slow season.  Daddy’s schedule had more flexibility and less evening meetings.  In this life, summer is the main event, the season of climax, the main reason we’re all here.  I know what summer camp looked like as a camp counselor fifteen years ago.  But I don’t know what camp looks like as a wife and mom.


There’s some saying that goes ‘Don’t be sad that it’s over, be thankful that it happened’.  Maybe it’s my stubborn heart resisting the truth, I certainly wouldn’t put that one past me, but I wonder why I have to choose between sadness and gratitude.  I can’t separate the two, and you know, that’s just gonna have to be okay.


Sadness makes me grateful in the end.


2 thoughts on “the next transition

    • Miss you too! That one of Joshua was taken a little bit later after the rest of the kids had gone back downstairs. Since he’s the baby and everything, he got to stay upstairs and watch the trucks while playing with his ‘choo-choos’.

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