retail therapy


Summer camp is up and running.

The counselors have come from far and wide, as far and wide as they can come from anyway.  This is the week of staff training and staff bonding, of cleaning out cabins and raking algae from the lake.  We’ve been looking forward to this.

The kids and I have been hanging out, just doing our thing.  The only remaining routines right now are the meals, and for now, that’s okay.  I’ve been using my early morning school prep hours getting carried away in my fabulous summer reading lineup.

Before we moved I found several hundred dollars in an envelope on my dresser.  It’s money from birthdays and Christmas that I’d forgotten all about.  I decided it was time to spend some of it and took the kids for a mini-shopping spree for something to do.

I stopped by the Dollar Tree and found some really cool cell wall posters I can use in the school room next year.  Then we walked around TJ Max and I found another globe, a butterfly clock, and anything I liked until my hands were full of happy colors.

The two older boys are actually staying with Grandma and Papa for a few days.  While we were out, I called my mother-in-law to ask her a quick question.  They were heading into Target for baseball cards and she asked if we wanted to meet up somewhere for lunch.

We thought it was a good idea until one of the boys–the oldest one–said he didn’t want to do that.  He just wanted it to be him and his brother by themselves.  For a second my heart sank to the pit of rejection, but quickly bounced back to the land of understanding.

As it turns out, while driving through the Wal-Mart parking lot, we just so happened to run into them.  I heard squeals from the outside of the van, and when I looked over, couldn’t believe my eyes.  There was my mother-in-law and my two sons.

And the boys were happy.


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