swim time


We’re still trying to find our summer footing.

Something is definitely different this year, and it isn’t just the fact that we now have a lake in our backyard.  Somewhere in the moving boxes I’ve lost that summer feeling, though I’m holding out hope of still finding it.  I’ve become disenchanted with longer days and hotter nights and not as appreciative of heat wave humidity.  Maybe this is the internal equivalent of looking in the mirror and seeing the lines beginning to form around your eyes, the ones that never used to be there.  Maybe this is all a part of growing up.

Still, there’s a lake in our backyard, and while I’d rather not go into my June 1995 childhood history and complicated relationship with children and lakes, I will say it’s swell to have a place to take the kids swimming.  Little by little, as the kids get older, it is getting easier to do things again, in this case, traveling by foot from the house to the beach.  I never in a million years could’ve imagined the return to this kind of freedom, and better yet, enjoying it.

I suppose this too is all a part of growing up.

One thought on “swim time

  1. Your last couple of entries about summer have touched my heartstrings. I have, in the past few years, felt blue in the summer. I am in my 50’s, but I have a special needs son. I LOVE him and being with him. But summer, when we’re supposed to be carefree… has become complicated for us.

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