grocery shopping


The time has come to pull out the summer bag of magic tricks.

I know kids are gonna get bored, and in a way I think they need to be bored, for boredom is often the springboard of creativity, but I personally don’t believe in the words boredom and summer occupying space in the same sentence for too long.  As the highest heavens cannot contain the Almighty, children cannot remain bound to the four corners of the house.

You’ve gotta leave room for the imagination.


There was no choice but to go for the one thing we needed most

something guaranteed to make everybody happy.



I never thought I’d say this, never imagined it would ever come to this


I’m even considering getting the oldest boy signed up for baseball camp.


Go ahead kids.

Each one of you can pick a treat.


Now let’s see what we can come up with.

We need meals for the rest of the week

and something special for tonight.


We’re gonna have a picnic out under the stars.

2 thoughts on “grocery shopping

  1. I thought food shopping with 3 was a trip! (Did you catch that? “Food shopping”. 😉 ) We make it through Aldi by snagging a bag of fish cackers as soon as we enter and then a package of criossants on the last leg. Lol!

    • I almost said ‘food shopping’ but then remembered that is not most people call it. 🙂 How handy of Aldi to put the snacks first for all moms rolling by with their kids.

      I knew we’d arrived at a new point in our relationship when you called me one day asking how in the world you were ever supposed to handle toddler Abigail in the cart. I’m not sure either one of us had yet discovered Aldi.

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