thomas kinkade


I like the paintings of Thomas Kinkade, the artist known as the Painter of Light.  They are warm, peaceful, and beautiful.  Others have mixed feelings about them, saying, “The dilemma with Kinkade’s art is that he sweeps human suffering under the rug. It sees the world through a pre-Fall lens. His paintings are a big fat lie.”

I get the point of facing the hard things of life, that artists have to grapple with a world full of pain and heartache.  I don’t see Kinkade’s work coming from a pre-Fall lens, but rather a post-Cross one.  He paints the world not as it was, but as the world is and ever shall be.  He paints with the eyes of faith.  That was his gift.


Faith is the gift of divine blindness.

If all we see is what we see

Hope becomes the merciless villian.

The moon swallows the sun

banning the birth of a new beginning.

Believe me when I say to you

the Truth has come through lying eyes.

Behold the Lamb of God

when you wonder if there can be anything good.

Thank the Lord and sing His praise

for the blinding way of walking in the Light.

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