steady growth


The days are full, but not busy.

I said it before in the spring, and I can still say it now in the summer.  This seems to be the pace we’ve settled into since moving here.  Even with summer camp going on, the busiest time of the camp season, life doesn’t feel hectic, it just feels full and alive.

Even though we’re not doing school right now, in the back of my mind, I’m kind of always obsessing about homeschooling.  When I say obsessing, I don’t mean in a stressful way, I just mean I’m always thinking about it.  This has been exactly what my mind needed, something to do, something that allows me endless creativity and excitement.

I don’t yet have a fully formed vision of what I imagine it to look like, but I’ve been buying stuff here and there, and little by little, starting to get things set up for the fall.  My baby sister was here last week, and with the remaining chalkboard paint from our dining room wall, she helped me turn the back of a bulletin board into the main school room chalk board.


The kittens are getting bigger and bigger every day.

So is our grocery bill.

(I think this picture is hilarious…)


The kittens have been such a blessed addition to the family.  I think they have helped the kids with the move, giving them somewhere to direct their love and loneliness, especially the older ones who have missed their old friends.

I was a little nervous about adding more mess and responsibility to the mix, but our hearts won out over our heads.  Thankfully it has turned out to be a good thing for all of us.  The kids have been really good at keeping up with their care.


I just think they’re all so cute to watch.


I love seeing them happy.


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