learning to fly


There’s a whole new side of camp I never knew excited.

Behind every child walking down the hill is a parent carrying a suitcase.  Before any counselor driving round the bend just in time for the staff meeting, there was a home to leave, parents who gave them their blessing.

I am here today because my parents brought me here.  My husband is now the camp director because his mom and dad brought him when he was barely out of second grade and were brave enough let him go again and again.

It is my turn now to let them go.  It is my turn now to jump.  It is my turn now to take the leap of faith that all too often feels more like a flapping load of worry.  But God is patient, always gentle, always ready to teach in one step at a time.

He shows me His side, the wound where love healed, joining us together forever.  He shows me His hands, the scars from the nails, the feet where His mother wept.

The worst that could happen has already happened, it is safe to jump.

There’s nowhere left to the fall.

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