nights on fire

I’m supposed to go to this Coldplay concert.

My brothers had this crazy idea that all the siblings should get together and go.  We were in the middle of moving when the plans were made and the tickets were bought, so we weren’t exactly thinking completely straight.  We thought the concert was Saturday night, but we were wrong.  The concert is Sunday night.  This means my better half isn’t able to come.  Sunday evenings in the summer he has to be here to welcome all the week’s new campers.

Now, my heart wasn’t terribly set on going to this concert.  I know and like a few Coldplay songs, but it’s not like I’m the world’s biggest Coldplay fan, nor am I mightily and forever in love with Chris Martin or anything (I just Googled ‘Coldplay’s lead singer’ in order to get his name).   I tried to gently ask if anybody would be too terribly upset if I didn’t come.  All my baby brother had to do was reply with an instant “Beck!!!” to know that not going was not an option.

Did I mention the concert was in Chicago?  Listen, I don’t care if I have an adventurous side, which I do, or even if I was born there, which I was, the windy city isn’t exactly the first place I’d like to find myself these days during one of the weirdest things I seriously just don’t get the Pokemon Go craze.  And Soldier Field.  Good Lord (I mean that).  Does anyone else see why there are at least sixty plus thousand reasons why I’d be having some perfectly understandable hesitations about this?

There’s no getting out of this.  I had no choice but to Facebook message my long lost cousin who I haven’t seen or talked to since high school.  Let’s just say our lives took different paths.  But before all that, before we lost touch for so long, we were and always will be cousins.  My family moved in with his family the year we first moved to Lexington.  We lived in their basement and slept on their floor for six months until my parents were able to buy a house.

Boy do I have some stories.

That’s not the point though.  The point was it’s been awhile.

He only lives an hour away.

“Hey Cuz. I have an extra ticket to a Coldplay concert this coming Sunday night at 7PM. All my brothers and sisters and their significant others are going (minus Liz and Rob). I just found out my husband isn’t going to be able to go. Wanna be my date? I can stop by on my way and pick you up.”

He wrote me back about thirty seconds later.

“I’m in!!!”

Well then.  I guess that settles it.

He didn’t even have to think twice.

We’re going to a Coldplay concert.



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