tried and true

They say you’ve gotta listen to your body.

There are signals she gives, gentle sirens she sounds when there’s a disturbance in the delicate balance.

The same is true with outside forces.  You must tune your ears and listen to the world around you.

Sometimes you will need the peace and the quiet, but that does not always mean you will get it.

Sometimes, my love, love will ask you to wait.  Sometimes life simply needs you for more.

Your time will come, I can promise you this.  Hear me once more, your time will always come.

Such is the time love is patient and kind.

the naked woman

The beauty of women flows over the top

It would have been enough for him

to find her, for through her 

God will find him


But to see her, to behold the creation 

was to know the perfect heartache

of a world only better than this

in the birth of our Creator’s dreams.


For she was more than an afterthought

a forgotten storybook tragedy

remembered mistake

or a stumbling block for fallen angels.


She was nothing in this world could part

and everything a man would die for

“The Glory of God’s Gift to Man”

He is

the olympic games

Not to keep bringing this up, but I’m not sure what I’d be doing if it weren’t for this iPhone.  Our internet has been down for over a week now.  But because we have these new phones, I’ve been able to post the past four or five blogs straight from my phone.  The good news is I still have tons of data left.  

The one thing I can’t do is watch the Olympics.  This is the one time in my life where I wouldn’t mind having a TV.  We have a TV, it just isn’t hooked up to any channels.  It’s basically only good for watching movies or anything you can do while hooked up to the computer.  And actually, right now, it’s stored away in my bedroom closet because sometime earlier in the summer, not to be mean or anything, but I got tired of looking at it.  

I am missing watching Michael Phelps swim.  I did see from my phone that he won another gold medal this year in a relay and that made me super happy.  If you want to see the most amazing Olympic moment of my personal memories Google “2008 Michael Phelps and Jason Lezak relay”. Watch the entire eight minutes and I promise you won’t be sorry.  

In the meantime though, I’m happy to watch my family swim in the camp lake.  We’re just kinda taking it slow this next week or so.  While everyone else played water polo I hung out with Aunt Flo on the beach and took pictures of the sand and stretched and leaped around pretending to be a gymnast.  It seems like  I do this about every four years or so.  

My son just asked me if I’d play Legos with him downstairs.  You’d have to be crazy to turn down a request like that.  My husband also just made a fresh pot of coffee because we both thought it sounded good.  It’s also our wedding anniversary.  All that to say, my family means the world to me, and time spent with them is my most favorite of all, so that means it’s time to put away the phone for awhile. 

the faith awakens

But God

who is rich in mercy

because of His great love

with which He loved us

even when 

we were dead in trespasses

made us alive 

together with Christ

and raised us up together

and made us sit together

in the heavenly places 

in Christ Jesus

that in ages to come 

He might show 

the exceeding riches of His grace

His kindness toward us

In Christ Jesus