home grown tables


Reason sets up a market

and begins doing business

Love has more hidden work.

~Rumi, Secret Places~

September has arrived, and with it, the waiting for the autumn hues to follow suit.  The AC enjoys a much needed rest, the windows are open again, and there is an astonishing level of contentment in the house.  The kids are happy, for the most part, to play with one another.  I worried, after the move when the older ones were walking through grief, that the hole would be too big.  But God in His love has filled those spaces.  He has done so for me as well, along with providing new friends of faith for this time and place.

O, give thanks unto the LORD, for He is good, and His steadfast love endures forever.

So much has changed since the story began. There are distractions at every foothold, trappings on every page.  The world wide web, the sea of the knowledge of good and evil, has taken over the world.  This is the digital reality in which we live, and I can accept, even embrace this truth without shame.  I do believe God is working all things–all things–together for our ultimate good.  Even so, there is relief in the breakaway from a world who never sleeps, for in doing so, my soul finds rest in the God who’s always there.



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