moment of silence

Living with others opens your eyes to your own little world.

Sometimes living in the moment starts to feel like spinning off the planet.  Once this happens, chances are you’ve landed on the moon of your own sole perspective.  Stand in the middle of a merry-go-round and you’re bound to get dizzy. But jump off the carousel, take a step back, and experience the magic of finding your footing, of walking on gravity.

Suddenly there is more going on in any everyday life, more than my temporary doubts and frustrations, more than discouragement of meals again and mess on every side, more than morning hours of coaching children through chores, more than whether or not anyone sees how clean the mud room is when his hungry frame walks in at noonday.

There are bodies to feed and souls to nourish.  There’s a hopeful hand of mine, a gentle touch of his, a reach across the table when our goings get tough, when this present spec in time feels like an endless line of labor days, like the home can hardly wait for the shortly coming Sabbath.  Only then do I realize we are in this together.

Only then do we stand in the mind blowing strength of a team.

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