fall projects

It all started with a desire to create a timeline wall.

First I wanted to paint the wall. Since I’ve learned from so many past painting mistakes, I did nothing out of impulse. I took home the little cards, looked at the colors in different lighting, asked others for their opinions, and most of all, I waited.

There was a special paint sale on Thursday so I made a special trip.

But even after all that, I decided the paint was too dark for what I had in mind. However, since it’s such a bright and happy color, and also because I’d already bought it, I thought it might be nice to have in the little cove, right there when you first walk in.

I stayed up late painting and listening to Christmas music.


My goal for this lovely Saturday was to finish it up.

But then I noticed the entry way closet needed attention.

I had the boys pull out all the shoes so we could match them.


Then I thought, since it’s fall now, it might be a good idea to get started on pulling out everyone’s clothes so we could put away the summer ones and replace them with the winter ones.  I wanted every item of clothing they owned upstairs, so I could see what they had, and what they needed.  They brought me their baskets and drawers.


I find laundry to be quite peaceful most days.


I never even touched the paint.


Maybe tonight.


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