marriage and family

The clothes are almost done.  The piles have slowly been sorted and put away.  We significantly reduced the amount of active clothing which helps for less laundry and less for the kids to have to keep track of.  I truly believe less is more when it comes to clothes around here.  Several paper bags full await the next trip to Goodwill, or a journey north to be passed on to younger cousins.  I can see the bottom of the floor again along with the light at the end of the tunnel.

Since today was Columbus Day we decided to skip school.  We enjoyed a rejuvenating hike through creeks and trails we hadn’t visited since the first weeks after we moved.  I love school, but I do also enjoy the breaks when they come.  We had a great school week last week, so much that it would’ve taken me four or five blogs to get it all talked about.  My writing spirit is willing, but the flesh has just been weaker these days. I’ve been focusing my energies on finishing some other things, and with that comes the contentment to live a quieter blogging life.

I also found myself with darker thoughts again last week.  There is a definite pattern to it, and as I’ve said before, I’ve noticed it gradually gets worse as I’m approaching that of the month.  Something that has tremendously helped our marriage in recent history is the recognizing of these physical and emotional patterns.

img_1567 On normal days like today we live life and get along.  He sets out my Happy Mug to surprise me in the mornings and I try to buy his favorite snacks at the store.  There are certain days though, where his masculine edge and my feminine sensitivity really rub each other the wrong way.  This is when we’re most likely to have a fight if we’re not careful.  It requires an awareness on both of our parts.  This is a time for him to be especially patient and understanding.  This is also a time for me to be extra aware of my weakness and be open to my husband’s words of truth and reason.  It’s a time when I can grow to be a little tougher and he can grow to be a little softer.  It’s a time we both learn to rely on God for strength and maturity as He’s leading us on to forgiveness and love, unity and joy.


2 thoughts on “marriage and family

  1. “Something that has tremendously helped our marriage in recent history is the recognizing of these physical and emotional patterns.”

    I wish you had written this post years ago – because the paragraph following the quote above is sublime! The two of us got the “patterns” – we worked the patterns – but always struggled with the “growing” part! 🙂

    Thank you!

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