begin again


I cried the first time we finished the Divine Service.

The move was as fresh as yesterday.  We were in a new place, a new church, a new pastor, a new life. There was no way to separate relief from the grief.  For all the times I’d cried in the former life, I couldn’t deny the pain of our parting. A near decade of past pain couldn’t undo the present bond that had to break.

Our first church has found a new pastor.  God has brought a new shepherd into their lives. It felt like a punch in the gut when I heard.  We looked him up on Facebook right away. I’ve been saddened on and off all weekend thinking about it.  I’m so happy he said yes.  I’m happy the loved ones have a pastor now.

I’m  glad they have another chance to be loved.



One thought on “begin again

  1. We may be getting a new pastor BUT…you guys are always a big part of us. You will always be our friends and our family. And nobody can change or replace that!

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