the current events (rewrite)

After the primaries were over I chose to abstain from being plugged in and informed on all the latest news and election happenings.  As election day neared, I started paying closer attention again.  We all have a story.  More than someone’s opinion of this election cycle, that’s what I’ve really been searching for–somebody’s story.  Like many others, I have wrestled with this election.  I have searched the web and talked to family and friends, looking to the opinions of those I respect, and have struggled to find peace.  How did you reach your final decision?  How have you wrestled and where did you finally land?

I was raised in a family who voted Republican.  I can’t say I’ve ever truly understood the full scale of what that means.  Republicans were the elephants.  Republicans won the red states.  I’ve heard Republicans referred to as “the  rich man’s party”.   I wouldn’t know.  I don’t understand the tax codes or the stock market.  I have never in my life had a hint of interest in the study of economics and am extremely unlearned in that area.  My father and mother have never been wealthy, to this day they continue to struggle financially.  All I know is that even when there wasn’t enough there was always enough.

There are issues at stake in every election.  I hear talk about the Supreme Court and upholding the Constitution–which I admit I have never read in its entirety.  The biggest issue in my heart has always been the sanctity of human life.  I remember as a child, the first time I asked my Dad what abortion was.  Abortion is the killing of babies–it was that simple.  This is one of the reasons my parents consistently favored the Republicans.  From what my simple child’s mind could comprehend, the Republican party was against the killing of babies.  The Democratic party, as a whole, was not.

As we grow older we learn things aren’t always so simple anymore.  Abortion involves many other lives besides those of the infants.  There is the life of the mother.  There is the life of the father.  There is the life of the doctors and the nurses.  There are the innumerable lives of a generation yet unborn.  In my years of watching presidential campaigns and elections, one thing I always wondered is why no one would ever just come out and say it.  Why hasn’t the greatest Republican priority been to stand up and promise to do everything in their power to end the killing of babies?

I am a person with strong and deep feelings.  Besides knowing I could not support Hilary, it’s been odd not knowing where to go from there.  A few weeks ago, for the first time since the campaign began, I had a surge of passion toward a candidate.  I wanted to vote for Trump.  One night over dinner I shared my thoughts with my husband and a few good friends.  We all have a history of leaning in the conservative direction.  We had interesting discussions which included differing opinions and conclusions, but in the end, we all remained in the same position of feeling stuck between a rock and a hard place.

I believe in respecting the authorities God has placed in our lives.  When we are unsure, He shows us the way. When I was a girl, my main authority was my father. I will forever be grateful for the chance to sit on his knee, to listen and learn in the late night crackling of AM radio car rides.  Now as a woman, as a wife and a mother, my closest earthly authority is my husband, the father of our children.  He has done his share of wrestling as well.  In the end, I decided not to vote, to let my husband’s vote represent our household and family, to rest under the wing of my husband’s good judgement and care.

There is peace here.  I know whatever happens is not unknown to God.  Even in all the angst that surrounds us, I trust and believe there is nothing to fear.  I hope others can find their peace as well, that we can respect the decisions of our friends, family, and ultimately the nation.  As for me and my house, we will work for a peaceful and quiet life for as long as God allows.  We will honor the emperor, peel the potatoes, teach our children the Word though we live in a culture that is hostile toward God.   There is an unchanging  beauty of religious freedom in America.  We have always been free to love.

One thought on “the current events (rewrite)

  1. “We will honor the emperor, peel the potatoes, teach our children the Word…” Love that reminder no matter what happens! Being faithful in the everyday while resting in the truth that Christ is on the throne.

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