snow days


“But Mom!  It’s all gonna melt!”

You’d have thought I was the wicked witch of the northwest weather forecast, or that I was trying to be responsible and have them do school.

I guess I get forgetful when it snows.


I was the mom who loved the snow days, when we could stay inside and warm all together, when reading and math was the last thing on my mind and I didn’t care one crossed t or dotted i however many soaking minutes it takes to find the gloves and put on snow pants.

And I wholeheartedly believe, one of a mother’s most solemn and scared duties on God’s white earth is to standby and wait for the return, for the request for the carrots and cranberries and whatever you can find that’s fit to make a snowman come to life.

You’ll be glad you did when  it’s all said and done.

The sun’ll be there where the memories stand.

2 thoughts on “snow days

  1. Sounds like Abigail the other day! I let her play in the snow in the morning (because kids are definitely more crazy like that! Who cares that it’s only 8 am?!) and then I let her sip hot chocolate in her Christmas mug while we worked on school. 🙂

    • Aww, love it🙂. Yeah, I see them out there and think “Aren’t they cold!?!” and then I think back to how we would play in the snow for HOURS! It’s like the fun has a way of melting all the cold away.

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