first word problems

If Christmas comes December 25th and today is December 8th, then how many shopping days are left until Christmas?


Christmas Eve doesn’t count.

Neither do the next two Saturdays.


There are two weeks left until Christmas.  I’m starting to feel the need to start thinking about it.  Not only are we taking it slower this year, but we’re doing it smaller as well.  Between setting up for homeschooling, spending time in Hobby Lobby, and buying stuff for our new house (including $200 on beautiful African women figurines), I spent money rather carefreely this year.  We also just bought a new used minivan.

I seriously considered stopping school all together for the month of December. This would leave more time for Advent and Christmas things, things like shopping, baking, cleaning, sorting, getting rid of stuff and making room for more stuffing.  But at the last minute, I decided we needed to keep going.  School is my training ground, where I am being properly schooled in the ways of order and planning and structure and discipline.

If your kids already have so much, then what is a parent to buy them for Christmas?  I’ve already decided on brand new matching socks for every child, and while I’m at it, some new underwear would be nice as well.  Their father and I have also decided each child will receive an item to help keep their room organized.  I know that things cannot produce skills, but there is also great value in having access to the proper tools.


3 thoughts on “first word problems

  1. I just remembered that a few years ago I bought gifts under the idea that each child got something to wear, something to read/look at, & something fun to play with. It was helpful for like 2 Christmases. Not sure what happened after that! It was kind of helpful at keeping things simple and the idea was that they wouldn’t come to necessarily expect tons of gifts (and then be disappointed when our budget couldn’t keep up with their list!) I like your ideas of gifts so far!

    • I was going to ask if you guys still did that. I like the idea because it gives some helpful direction on where to start. I love Christmas! Remember the time when we sorted all our presents Christmas morning…..:)

  2. Lol! How could I forget?! 😉 As the firstborn who generated a lot of “great, fun” ideas and the younger sibling who got to help implement them…can’t say that was one of the most successful ones. Lol.

    Love thinking how you’re still wired with great ideas! Hoping we visit over a “Fine arts Friday” for a chance to see the nun outfit. 😉 Love you!

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