on the second week of Advent


We talked of days gone by this morning.

This time of year, it’s hard not to think about our former life, meaning life in the parish.  This was the time of all the Christmas parties, Advent services, and a deepening darkness that had only just begun.

There were things going on last December that I never blogged about.  Before we moved I had a good friend write to me.  “I know in my heart this is God’s deliverance for you.  Take this gift and don’t ever look back.”

I know now I was’t crazy, that the pain was as true as the invisible sun.  The reason I know, is become something has changed. I don’t cry every day anymore.  I am not in a perpetual state of unspeakable grief.

A part of me feels like no one will ever really know what it was like, and don’t need to.  An important thing I have learned from talking with others, is that my experience isn’t universal. I’ve also learned I wasn’t alone.

For everything there is a season

and for even

in the bleak midwinter

I thank my God.



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