to rejoice always

Still no sign of Julie.

The kids are hopeful.  This morning Judah looked out the sliding glass window and announced he wasn’t worried about Julie anymore.  Today is the Sunday to Rejoice.

“Maybe she’ll come back pregnant!”, he said.

The simple truth is, and I don’t like admitting this, but I did my best to remain unattached.  I know full well what happens when you hand your heart over to love.

I was kinda hoping to avoid sadness this year, this Advent.  I was hoping to keep it light, stay out of the mess of the mess of Christmas.  I was hoping, I was hoping, I was hoping…

God never promised the cat would return.

I’m still hopeful, but it’s a quiet hope.  The bold and vocalized name it and claim it prayers of a past fiery faith have dimmed to still and quiet crackles of peace with the future.

The stray cat, Shadow, has been hanging around here lately.  I’m hoping they ran off together in a moment of letting nature take its course.  She was just coming of age.

I’m hoping she’ll come home.



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