responsive writing

is when I read something that inspires me to write something.

Lesser Magnificat
by John D. Blase

Let it be to me
(sigh) What was I thinking?
Swollen breasts.  Belly
taught enough to bounce a coin
Soul magnified but
eyes too tired to cry
Have I grown fond of this
Son slowly swallowing me?
Yes, I have grown fond.
But I did not understand there
could be a thing deeper than love
There is.
If the angel’s words were sure
then I’m to give birth to the light
Why would the darkness not
swoop in at his first cry and eat us?
There is only one world, and
I am afraid.

“And there appeared an angel unto him from heaven, strengthening him.”
~Luke 22:43~

Final Breath
by Rebekah T.

Let it be to me
(breathe, Mary, breathe)
What was I thinking?
Of course.  I wasn’t
old enough to understand
let alone to know
a man could magnify my soul
“Joseph”, our guardian
Yes, I will go on
and on and on and deeper still
wherever Bethlehem shall lead me
For the angel’s words are sure
and I’m about to give birth to the Light
O darkness, be afraid
for at the sound of my first infant
the world will face God’s favor–in the
faith of a child.

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