christmas eve

Another Christmas Eve is just about in the books.


We’re home now and it looks like we’ll get to bed at a decent time.  I just told my mom today about all the exciting little basics of life I’ve been discovering this year.  One of them was the gift of a good night’s sleep–the simple joy of going to bed early.

We got our late night out of the way before we left.  Right now I’m in our room, breaking before the final stride of setting out the gifts.  The presents are piled up behind me, tucked under the comforter we had when we first got married.  I can hear the kids downstairs.

Dad just came in to get the train.  During my last trip out, I stopped by Toys R Us for two things and came out with three.  The Christmas trains were 50% off.  That was enough for me to stop and consider the simple joy of a train around the Christmas tree.

I didn’t have to think about it long.




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