keeping in mind

School starts back up tomorrow.  We made it through the 16th of December, and that seemed to work really well for us.  The entire month off would have left me with the feeling of falling behind, and going any longer than we did would have taken from the joy and other home happenings of Christmastime.

Today we’re having an official jammie day with no agendas.  I even put on my new polar express pajamas from TJ Maxx.  This gives me a change to catch up on laundry, tidy underneath the tree, look over the new reading book I’m starting with one of the boys, and give thanks for the gift of home on a cold and rainy day.

This also gives me a chance to come up with one or two things I want to work toward this year.  I’m a dreamer, which is great for coming up with ideas, but I also tend to think too much outside the box.  I want to be practiced in ways in which I am not programmed.  I want to learn to think inside the box.

I am taking full responsibility for the upstairs bathroom.  I’ve already started working on this.  After years of boycotting poisonous cleaning products, I now keep a container of Clorox wipes under the bathroom sink.  Every morning before school, it’s my job to straighten the upstairs bathroom.

A continuously clean house is not a realistic expectation.  I realize life is all about learning to let go, but my heart and mind delight in not always having to see the big picture.  I can see and experience steady results.  I find great satisfaction in gathering any laundry, wiping down the sink and toilet, and lighting a candle.

The atmosphere of my home is important to me.  My presence and work here at home seeks and helps to convey love and respect to the others who live here in tactile and tangible ways. I do believe in teaching kids to help with the home chores, but that’s what the downstairs bathroom can be for.

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