the little things

It’s good to be back in school again.

We’re easing our way back into the routine.  We’re still doing school every weekday from 9-11:30ish.  There are plenty of times when schedules feel oppressive to me, but school is not one of them.  I love how every day we just know to do. That’s one of the hopes behind establishing some structure to the days. There’s no walking around aimlessly, picking up here and getting distracted by something else there, wondering where to start.

The snow waves a gentle hello as I swirl the wind chimes when it’s time to begin.  At the sound of the bells, the children find their seats.  We still begin in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit when I remember.  Then we read the Psalm of the day.  We go straight though the book until we get to the end and then we start over again.  We still pray together, “Lord, make me an instrument of your peace…”

There were mornings when I was getting flustered because I couldn’t find my Bible.  I’d have to take a minute or two to search the room because I couldn’t remember where’d I’d put it.  Sometimes it was on the bookshelf, other times on the floor, and other times behind the whiteboard.  This was a minor, but unnecessary disruption to my inner peace.  Starting this year, my Bible has its very own place, in its very own basket.

The rest of the room is always a beautiful work in progress.  My main goal with the school room is taking good care of it. It’s becomes quite unruly when we don’t.  Building clean up time into the school routine makes a huge difference.  At 11:15 we have five minutes of clean up.  I use my phone to put on a song and we get to straightening up.  This five minute slot, which is usually more like 7-10 minutes, is followed up by our closing reading, lately from books in the New Testament.  We find joy in the beginning and the end. Then I tell them to go in peace and serve the Lord.


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